What’s the problem?

For too long the Establishment have sat back and watched men’s rights eroded in favour of women’s “equality” which is a misnomer. Despite decades of human rights, equality and inclusiveness, this does not apply to men and has created a gender apartheid society. It is accompanied by derogatory PC language such as “male, pale and stale” or “white men’s privilege” – all designed to silence men. It is also designed to drive a wedge between ordinary men and women. Well ordinary men and women have had enough of this circus. All of this is destroying society and damaging family structures.

Objective – campaign for a Minister for Men.

It is now time that this is all changed for the better. It will only be achieved by men and women working together to both turn back the tide and stop the rot. Together we will reform undesirable social issues which will be outlined below and call on MPs of all parties to bring about this reform. Part of this change will require the setting up of a Minister for Men who will spearhead this much needed reform and backed by likeminded MPs.


  1. Family Law reform – our Family Reform Policy is child centred. No child should be separated from his or her fit parents due to the intransigence of one parent. All issues arising must be dealt with robustly in the earliest possible stage. Unless there are cogent reasons for obstructing the contact of the child from either parent, a Legal Presumption of contact with both parents should be the order of the day.

  2. Domestic Abuse – this is a social issue which affects men, women and children. There has to be a socially inclusive approach whereby all victims receive help regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. In the case of men and their children, little support is available for them which goes against all equality and human rights standards. This must be remedied.

  3. Court anonymity and false allegations – Under current legislation and practice too many people, later to be found innocent are convicted by public opinion as soon as they are arrested or even questioned. False allegations like these could have a direct impact on a man’s ability to care for his children, it could wreck his marriage, lose his job and result in his suicide. All too often false allegations can lead to rumours and before a man knows it, he is also fighting for his reputation to clear his name.

  4. Bench Book – updated in both 2010 and 2020, the Bench Book treats female criminals as victims, which gives advice to judges on sentencing women. There is a list of spurious reasons why women should not receive the same sentence as a man for a similar crime. This is distorting judicial process and discriminating against men.

  5. Homelessness – 83% are men.

  6. Male Suicide – 75% are men.

  7. Health Issues – deaths from Prostate Cancer have now overtaken deaths from Breast Cancer – the disease receives half the funding and half the research devoted to Breast Cancer.

  8. Boy’s education – “These white working-class boys are being let down by an in-built and inherent disadvantage. I am concerned this is being brushed under the carpet, not by government necessarily… but by modern society which refuses to see the plight of young white males, even those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Ben Bradley MP

There is a dangerous attitude that the above issues are laughable – see the difference between the below clips…

Jess Phillips – men’s issues are laughable

Cassie Jaye – a supporter of men’s issues