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MWWT is pleased to welcome on board Belinda Brown as an Hon. Patron of MWWT; a well known supporter of men’s issues.

Belinda has sent in a very supportive article for MWWT, and a list of articles she has written for “Conservative Woman” is also included.

My Story 2 – Michael

Hi, this is my (highly summarised) story of male domestic abuse, child abuse and parental alienation of our daughter over the entire 6 years she has been alive. The family courts and the police whom have all ignored and marginalised me. I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years. During those 3 years my … Read more

My Story 1 – Robert

I was married for nearly eleven years when I found out my ex was going to divorce me. After I asked her what was going on, she then replied that we were not husband and wife anymore from that day. She worked full time while I mainly looked after our two children, also worked as … Read more

Building bridges between Men and Women

Life is not easy  whether we are worrying about providing for our families, helping our children with their problems or dealing with colleagues at work. But following in the heels of the corona crisis life is going to be a lot tougher. The economy, and our freedom has taken a massive hit and this is going to affect us in unpredictable and  unanticipated ways.

But all the hardships and difficulties of life are so much easier to deal with hand in hand with a life partner. More often than not this will be someone of the opposite sex. Men and women work well together, they have children and form families, the unit on which society is built.

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March for Men – September 2020

Walking for Men & Boys in London – September 12th 2020 MWWT had its first outing with many other groups  in London organised by Sally Burris, Founder of Split the Difference. The purpose was to raise awareness on the inequality of choice and opportunity for men and boys. Some of the areas that profoundly neglect the … Read more

Role Reversal

Men & Women working together   Think for a moment if we lived in a society where women suffered from: Family Courts – if mothers had no legal right to equal custody of her children after divorce. Would this be tolerated by society ? Homelessness – if women formed 87% of rough sleepers yet little … Read more

Scotland’s Misogyny bill

Proposals for Misogyny to be a stand alone crime in Scotland – Misandry not to be included Lord Bracadale’s 2018 report warned about the pitfalls of a specific misogyny crime.He wrote: “Although I agree that the essence of the conduct which we are seeking to cover is usually against women, it is not inconceivable that … Read more