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We offer men the opportunity to submit their experiences of Domestic Abuse and the Family Courts below by filling out the below My Story form and also filling out the Domestic Abuse and separate Family Court forms below. No names or places please in order to ensure anonymity. Each case will be made available for inspection on our website.

To submit your story – submit the form below, and optionally attach either of the survey files made available for download below:

  1. When this has been published on the website, please send this copy to your MP and ask them to make an application to join the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG – Men And Boys). This group is working on Domestic Abuse and the Family Courts and could bring benefits in your current situation. Stress to your MP that you are not looking for personal help.
  2. The PDF Document for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG – Men And Boys).
  3. The official point of contact for the APPG For Men and Boys is:
  4. Domestic Abuse – if you or your children have experienced Domestic Abuse please send your story to the Domestic Abuse Commissioner who wishes to hear from victims in order to assist her in the development of support –

To view our true stories of these horrific treatment of men (and children) in today’s Family Courts click here to read submissions to our site that are absolutely true and equally immoral & unethical breaches of The Equalities Act that happen every day.

Share your experiences

If you have experienced domestic abuse and would like to share your experience, the Domestic Abuse Commissioner welcomes this. These first-hand accounts help to shape her priorities and better enable her to promote the interests of people subjected to domestic abuse across England and Wales.

Further information about the Domestic Abuse Commissioner can be found here

For a list of resources to support victims and those experiencing a variety of issues, please click the button below:

Family Courts assistance

The Family Law Society – this is run by a volunteer who has many years of experience in the Family Courts. He is not legally trained but will help guide and support you through the maze of the Family Courts.

Link :              

Stowe Family Law

If you are suffering from broken contact orders, Stowe Family Law are one such company with extensive experience in obtaining Suspended Residence Orders.

Suspended residence order used to tackle parental alienation

0330 404 1300


How can a Suspended Residence Order help?

The court attaches clear conditions which if breached lead to immediate removal of the children to the other parent. The advantage of this order, in these intractable cases, is that the outcome lies entirely in the hands of the defaulting parent (which, of course, is made clear to him or her at the time of the making of the order).

There are three conditions I would attach to this suspended residence order approach. Firstly, and obviously, the judge must be satisfied, at the time the suspended order is made, that the alternative home is good enough. Secondly, it must be made abundantly clear to the parent concerned that you really mean what you say, and finally there must be judicial continuity throughout.

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

The ManKind Initiative is a charity offering information and support to men who are victims of domestic abuse or violence. This can include information and support on reporting incidents, police procedures, housing, benefits and injunctions. They can refer you to a refuge, local authority or other another support service if you need it.

Telephone: 01823 334 244 Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm



MWWT also has links to a wide range of helplines

They are available for Men and Women, LGBT, Rape (both male and female victims) elder abuse etc