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Our Family Reform Policy is child centred. No child should be separated from his or her fit parents due to the intransigence of one parent. All issues arising must be dealt with robustly in the earliest possible stage. Unless there are cogent reasons for obstructing the contact of the child from either parent, a Legal Presumption of contact with both parents should be the order of the day.

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Family courts – video clip

Above is a series of interviews carried out, looking at the circumstances and impact of the current Family Law system – demonstrated through different examples. See more info on these cases here

How can a Suspended Residence Order help?

The court attaches clear conditions which if breached lead to immediate removal of the children to the other parent. The advantage of this order, in these intractable cases, is that the outcome lies entirely in the hands of the defaulting parent (which, of course, is made clear to him or her at the time of the making of the order).

There are three conditions I would attach to this suspended residence order approach. Firstly, and obviously, the judge must be satisfied, at the time the suspended order is made, that the alternative home is good enough. Secondly, it must be made abundantly clear to the parent concerned that you really mean what you say, and finally there must be judicial continuity throughout.

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