Men’s health in the UK

Over the years it has been a constant narrative that men do not look after themselves. Fortunately women have had the benefit of breast cancer screening since 1987 when women were first invited to attend for screening. It is usually within 3 years of their 50th birthday. This facility has never been offered to men for Prostate Cancer during this period of 33 years. In 1998 as part of a campaign for men’s PSA test our group attended their doctor to ask for the test. Most were turned away but my doctor knowing my reasons gave me the test making clear that he would have to indicate that I had a possibility of having contracted the disease. It came back all clear.

In around 2000 I was invited onto Women’s Hour to discuss Men’s Health – I was the only male present in the group. In only a short time the discussion became punctuated with jokes about men’s health and the women clearly found it amusing. I made my displeasure very clear indicating that I had come on the show to discuss Men’s Health in an adult way and that I expected them to do the same. They responded immediately and grew up. As I left via the switchboard the operator stated her support for what I had said .

The following information outlines the general resistance to offering men and boys any form of enhanced health care to that enjoyed by women.

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