Male Suicide

  • 2015 Total deaths – 6,188 (4641 or 75% were men)
  • 2016 Total deaths – 5,985 (4489 or 75% were men)
    • Mersey Care NHS – Zero Suicide Policy set up – £25m for suicide prevention
    • The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health called for the Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England to support all local areas to have multi-agency suicide prevention plans in place as part of a major drive to reduce suicides in England by 10 per cent by 2020/21.
    • The best known example of Zero Suicide Policies is the Henry Ford Hospital System, Detroit. Their programme dramatically reduced suicide over 10 years to zero.
    • Dr. Ed Coffey who led the project visited Mersey Care in 2013/14 to share his information with them and Mersey Care were inspired to aim for a similar programme which they started in 2016. (see article and Mersey Care Zero Suicide Policy)
  • 2017 – Total deaths – 6,639 (4,997 or 75% were men)
    • Silent killer article – Project 84 set up (84 men commit suicide each week) to raise awareness. (see article)
    • 2017 – November Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) set up to install zero suicide Launched in November 2017 in the House of Commons is a coalition of almost 100 NHS and other organisations and run by Mersey Care alongside Steve Mallen founder of Minded Charity and Geraldine Strathdee, former National Mental Health lead at NHS England. (see link)
  • 2018 – Total deaths – 6,507 (4903 or 75% were men)
    • 2018 – October – PM appoints Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price to Suicide Prevention Minister
    • Critic, Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of mental health charity Sane, said there had not been enough improvements to services since Mrs. May pledged to tackle the issue two years ago (2016) “While we applaud the intention (of the announcement) it is striking that the UK should be hosting such a summit (world summit) when we hear daily about people left untreated due to a lack of nurses and doctors” she said. “The prime minister must examine our own mental health system before addressing other countries”. (see article)
    • 2018 – May – At last the £25m promised in 2016 makes a start
    • Areas set to receive funding are Kent and Medway, Lancashire and South Cumbria, Norfolk and Waveney, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Coventry and Warwickshire, Durham, Darlington, Teeside, Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby. (see article)
  • 2019 – Awaiting figures
    • Figures to date 2015 6188 ; 2016 5985 ; 2017 6639 ; 2018 6507

In summary the figures have increased from 6188 in 2015, to 6507 in 2018.

In mitigation the £25m funding although announced in 2016 did not come on stream until 2018 and the £2m announced for ZSA only started in 2019/2020. Close study of the Mersey Care NHS approach is very comprehensive and benefited from the advice of  Dr. Ed Coffey from the Henry Ford Hospital System, Detroit who over a 10 year period reduced suicides down to 10%.


  1. Jackie Doyle – Price MP has been appointed to Suicide Prevention Minister.
  2. All NHS bodies are acknowledging that suicides are preventable.
  3. Zero suicides is the objective. It is hoped that when the initial 10% drop takes place it will not be used as the fall back line.

MWWT will scrutinise the results each year and are confident that after years of neglect a reduction will take place in suicides and a range of mental health problems.

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