Role Reversal

Men & Women working together  

Think for a moment if we lived in a society where women suffered from:

Family Courts – if mothers had no legal right to equal custody of her children after divorce. Would this be tolerated by society ?

Homelessness – if women formed 87% of rough sleepers yet little or nothing was done to help them. Would this be tolerated by society ?

Domestic abuse – if despite forming over 40% of the victims, services for women were neglected especially in the provision of safe houses with adequate places for men and only virtually no places for women. Would this be tolerated by society ?

Suicide – if women formed around 75% of suicides a year compared to men forming 25%. Would this be tolerated by society ?

Cancer – if 10,000 women a year died from breast cancer which is around the same for men who die from prostate cancer and yet only a third was spent on breast cancer research compared to that spent on prostate cancer research. Would this be tolerated by society ?

Girls education – if working class white girls are at the bottom of the pile in the UK and yet there are no specific programmes to improve their achievement. Would this be tolerated by society ?

Judicial system – if the system is penalising women due to the introduction of the Bench Book which was introduced in 2010 and updated in 2020 which encourages the Judiciary to give men lesser sentences than women even for the same crime. Women have to endure appalling prison conditions whilst men enjoy comfortable conditions which are designed to fully re-habiliate them and prepare them for life when they have finished their sentence. Would this be tolerated by society ?

Sexual abuse – if women could be accused of sexually abusing a man without any evidence and her picture and name appearing in the newspapers whilst the man is protected with full anonymity. If he is found to have made a false accusation, and there was no comeback for him and the woman is left to rebuild her life without any recourse to justice or compensation. Would this be tolerated by society?

Media and women – if there was daily dripfeed against women in the media where women are ridiculed for being “female, pale and stale”, or guilty of “womanspreading” for spreading her legs too wide. What if a man designed a chair which forced her to keep her knees together. Would this be tolerated by society?

The bottom line is that this is all happening to men

How much longer can all this go on before Parliament and society appoint a Minister for Men who will address all of these issues. Men have been turned into second class citizens whose only purpose in life is to undertake all of the dirty and dangerous jobs and put their lives on the line when war breaks out. Even this can have a doubtful outcome for men when they can be accused of war crimes which go back 50 years and there are cases of men in their late 70’s dying from terminal diseases and still having to appear in court. Must this be tolerated by society ?

MWWT demands change, full equality for men with women and the appointment of a Men and Equalities Minister whose task it is to address all of these issues.