Sarah Everard Legacy


This tragic case has focussed minds on what is happening on our streets and in our homes. To undertake this MWWT based their findings on facts which were shown in the BBC analysis of a detailed listing of the first 100 murder cases in the UK from 1 January to 6 March 2019. The link is shown below.

Sarah Everard BBC News Item

The BBC has produced data showing the first 100 murder/homicide cases of 2019.

The analysis is as shown which shows that 67 men and boys, 23 women and 10 young children were killed.

67 men – 64 were killed by men, 3 killed by women: 45 died through stabbing; 11 were drug related

23 women – 23 were killed by men; 8 died through stabbing; 6 killed by ex; 1 killed by man demanding sex; 1 killed by mistaken identity in drug wars

10 young children – 5 killed by both parents; 1 killed by father; 4 killed by mothers

Total Homicide cases

BBC First 100 Cases in 2019 from January 1st to March 6th

67 Men & Teenage boys, 23 Women, 10 Children aged from 1 month to 8 years

67 Men – All killed by men except 3 who were killed by women – Brian Fox, Billy Hicks, Tudor Smionov, David Capseed, Lee Pomeroy, Gavin Moon, Przemslaw Cierniak, Bashir Abdullah, Tom Bell, Wayne Boylan, Frank Sinclair, Stephen O’Donnell, Ian Ogle, Kamil Malysz, Michael Liddell, Jurijs Paramonovs, Reece Ottoway, Carl Thorpe, Kevin Byrne, James Taylor, Anthony Richardson, Mr.Ward, Dennis Anderson,Wesley Adyinka, John Methley, Anthony Payne, Roger Carter, Richard Carter, Carl Hopkins, Rafal Lyko, Raymond Dixon, Patrick Hill, Alan Wyatt, David Phillips, Abdul Deghayes, Bradley Matcham, Bright Akinleye, Cameron Wilkinson, David Murphy, Brian Wieland, Glendon Spence, Alasdair Forsyth, Courtenay Valentine-Brown, Phillip Macmillan, Phillip Rooney, Gary Cunningham, Paul Ackroyd, Firoz Pagarkar, David Lopez-Fernandes, Che Morrison, St.John Lewis, Peter Flux, Lance Martin, Anthony Welford, Mohamed Elmi, Luciano Dos Santos Almeida, Davi Martinez, Jaden Moodie, Nadim Bilgin, Lejean Richards, Sidali Mohamed, Abdullah Mohamed, Kamali Gabbidon-Lynk, Connor Brown, Hazrat Umar, Yousef Makki, Ayub Hassan.

45 Men died through stabbing – 11 drugs related

23 Women – All killed by men – Charlotte Huggins, Jay Edmunds, Simbiso Aretha Moula, Sarah Ashraf, Asma Begum, Leanne Unsworth, Amy Griffiths, Christy Walsh,Alison Hunt, Margory Villegas, Ms Sowerby, Julie Webb, Mary Page, Margaret Smythe, Rosie Darbyshire, Joy Morgan, Aliny Mendes, Sarah Henshaw, Dorothy Bowyer, Jodi miller, Elize Stevens, Laureline Garcia-Bertaux, Jodie Chesney.

8 Women died through stabbing – 6 killed by ex – 1 killed by stranger demanding sex – 1 killed by gang in mistaken gang war stabbing

10 Children – Riley Holt, Keegan Unitt, Tilly Unitt, Olly Unit (both parents – negligence) , Malaki Watts (both parents), Holly Ashurst (Father), Kamali Russell (Mother), Casey Taylor, Darcy Stephens (Mother) , Jolia Bogden (Mother)

5 killed by both parents – 1 killed by father – 4 killed by mothers


Sarah Everard’s tragic death has focussed minds on the safety of women and girls on the streets. Sadly, as a close friend Helena Edwards commented “my friend’s tragic death has been hijacked. It is not a tribute any more, it’s about something else – and I don’t like what it has become.” She fears that all men will be “smeared with the same brush” and added “she was extremely unlucky. Her death is not a symptom of a dangerous sexist society.” Another friend, Jaidah Chambers commented “that the priority now should be a healing process. For me, I just want us to work together – men and women – to try our best to drive out what is causing such pain between us”. She is echoing the thoughts of MWWT.

Reports indicate that hijackers included Sisters Uncut, a feminist group with anti-male banners and anti-lockdown supporters turned up. What was meant to be a respectful vigil turned into an ugly hate filled scene. Some banners talked about reclaiming the streets for women and girls – the reality is that the vast majority of female deaths are in the home by known assailants and it was a vast majority of men who were killed on the streets other than the three men killed by women.

MWWT Comment

We are determined that something positive should come out of this tragic incident. The Gender Apartheid policies excluding men/boys must come to an end. Men and Women must work together for ALL VICTIMS which include 67 innocent men and boys, 23 innocent women and 10 innocent children below the age of 8. The streets must be safely reclaimed for all and we must identify the causes and deal with them. To do this we must remove the blame game – it is not about men v women. Men’s and Women’s groups must work together to arrive at a holistic solution.

Men and boys 67 deaths (3 by women) – 45 men were killed by stabbing. Stop and Search must be vigorously re-introduced and set sentences issued. 11 men were killed through drug problems. An outright war must be declared on drug pushers who should be given long sentences. Gangs which sometimes include women must be prosecuted without fear or favour.

Women 23 deaths (all by men)– Analysis shows – 6 killed by ex. 4 killed by men with mental health problems, 2 were street related (1 man demanding sex and another mistakenly gang related), 1 by a fellow churchgoer? and the remaining 10 by violent murder. All these cases must be studied with a view to arrive at solutions which may involve following up incidents involving mental health problems or ex partners posing a safety risk and requiring automatic non molestation orders with appropriate conditions.

Children under the age of – 10 deaths – 4 by both parent’s gross negligence; 1 by serious death by both parents; I by head injuries – father; 4 children by mothers. As in the case of women all these cases must also be studied with a view to arrive at solutions including a greater responsible involvement of social services. I have come across too many cases involving domestic abuse where social services failed to listen to the children.

Stephen Fitzgerald Chairman MWWT

November 2021