Scotland’s Misogyny bill

Proposals for Misogyny to be a stand alone crime in Scotland – Misandry not to be included

Lord Bracadale’s 2018 report warned about the pitfalls of a specific misogyny crime.He wrote: “Although I agree that the essence of the conduct which we are seeking to cover is usually against women, it is not inconceivable that there could be hostility against a man (or non-binary person) based on their gender.

“I have some concern that an approach which focused only on hostility towards women would risk stereotyping (all) men as perpetrators and (all) women as victims, which I do not consider to be an accurate or helpful message.

“A human rights-based approach suggests that having a consistent approach which is capable of applying in equivalent cases, regardless of the sex of the victim, is better.”

MWWT comment

This assault on men is never-ending and the perpetrators cannot see that what they are practising is undiluted misandry. If this bill passes in Scotland it will be updated annually to the point where men will have to cross the road if they approach a woman in case he is accused of looking at her in the wrong way.

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Now tell us that a law is not needed for Misandry as well as Misogyny

Fortunately for men most women in the UK are supportive of men.

Here are a few of their articles and comments

Men and women of Scotland need to unite to fight for a Human Rights approach for the new bill.

A similar Bill is going through Westminster but is does include Misandry. We will need to keep an eye on it. No debate took place on the 1st reading and it moves for a 2nd reading in October 2020