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All Party Parliamentary Group – Men and Boys

MWWT has secured a direct link to APPG – Men and Boys which is an All Party Parliamentary Group based in the House of Commons. It currently has the support of 11 MPs and 14 Members of the House of Lords. Our supporting MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger is seeking to add a further 20 MP‘s.

The APPG is dedicated to investigating the issues affecting men and boys. Its first report is titled “A Boy Today” – The world into which a boy today in the UK is growing up. Much of what is in their report is covered in our 8 Issues.

Our official link is Mike Bell – e-mail

Feel free to download the APPG report. If you or your MP feel that you would like to support this APPG and our 8 issues which follows this introduction please send this report to him/her and request his/her support by making direct contact and make a formal application to join.

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