White Working-Class Boys Education

“Boys could do better in English” QCA Publications was published in 1998 and outlined the many reasons as to why boys had slipped behind girls in most subjects. In brief, they concluded that much had been done to raise girls’ educational standards in maths and science subjects where they had trailed the boys but did not balance this by trying to raise boys’ educational standards in English language and literature. They also introduced coursework which girls rapidly adapted to and reduced the amount of sudden death exams which boys preferred.

http://www.suehorner.com/resources/12_I_can_do_better.pdf This is a most damning report and yet nothing was done. This is a must-read document.

Over the years since this publication various other reports have been produced but not acted upon. Namely:

  • 2007 – Primary National Strategy Guidance – supporting boy’s achievements – See Article 1
  • 2013 Parity briefing paper – Is action overdue on Boys academic achievements – See Article 2
  • 2018 Men and Boys Coalition – CREATING A MORE POSITIVE FUTURE FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN – 14-point plan – See Article 3
  •  2020 – Ben Bradley MP – plight of white working-class boys is “taboo subject in Westminster – will this be the start of some real action. See Article 4
  • Why does nobody talk about these boys? Article 5


Boys Education, especially white working-class boys, is yet another example of how boys are discriminated against by successive governments using the practice of Gender Apartheid policies even against young boys in poor working-class areas.

Stephen Fitzgerald – Chairman MWWT